This post is a work in progress

While on my commute to and from the city for my first real job I would see Galton Bridge from the the railway bridge opposite which was built nearly 166 years later. At the time I was more interested in the ominous canal tunnels beneath.

Five years later, in lockdown times, I was out for some exercise on foot (and coffee), after getting drenched in freezing cold rain I decided to head home down the BCN Main Line canal near Brindleyplace. But as I got up to the junction (Old Turn Junction) to turn home (up the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal) I wasn't quite satisfied with my walk, had nothing else to do, and thought the weather couldn't get any worse. So decided to finally go checkout the tunels and a stretch of the BCN Main Line I had never explored before.

Chimney at Soho Foundry

The first thing I took a photo of was this iron-braced chimney at Soho Foundry, later doing rsearch at home for this post I found the history of the foundary to be quite intresting. It was a steam engine factory built in 1795 by Matthew Boulton and James Watt (the guy who the unit of power was named after), and was an  important development in the industrial revolution as the production processes and management techniques wouldn't become commonplace until a century later ( were later made famous by Henry Ford. They also had welfare and sickness benefit programs which were rare at the time. In 1912 the manager of the company died while travelling first class on the Titanic.